National Lift Truck Service dealerships in Puerto Rico and Florida offer the Yale Tough test which is a 200 point inspection to find parts on your lift trucks that are not lubricated, adjusted or need replacing to help reduce equipment failure. We also offer chain inspections to determine your truck’s chain condition and determine if there is elongation, rust corrosion, cracked plates, misalignment, protruding or turned pins and worn or damaged chain anchors and sheavers. Our service inspections will help keep your forklifts, lift trucks and other material handling equipment running to help reduce your downtime.

Our fully equipped in-house service department offers full service for all makes and models of forklifts. From a dented hood to an engine replacement National is there for you. Rentals are made available at discounted rates to eliminate downtime in your business. Road service technicians, in corporate fleet vehicles, are available for your emergency on-site needs.

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